TC CY “Gruppo Calimero”

The Democratic Therapeutic Community for Children and Yang People

The Structure

Number of users / guests: 10-12 children, aged between 8 and 16 years, inpatients and semiresidential,

normally occupied by male patients.

Residential Structure: 3 rooms with 4 beds, each with private bathroom, a communal living room, a closet / storage space for equipment and dressing operators, a room for after-school and individualized teaching, a gym / pool psychomotor activity in water, a room for speech therapy.

The Community Network

Center of youth aggregation of the territory (Clan of the boys): Center of aggregation-based voluntary religious, aimed at children and young people of the territory which offers after-school care, social education, recreational activities and artistic expression, and set up coordinated by the direction of the CoR to promote a culture of solidarity, fight against the stigma of disability and social inclusion of patients hospitalized in it

Multi-sports Youth Association (PGS Clan): Sport Company established by the direction of the CoR in support of policies aimed at the young territory by offering you services and amateur sports and athletic opportunities for all young people and promote social integration of patients as those football and volleyball.

Institutional Network

Referrers and commissioners Public Health Services: Pediatrics Territorial Unit Handicap,

Neuropsychiatric Hospital.

Municipal Social Services: Services of the municipalities of residence of patients, in some cases on custodial decree of the Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Court of Catania: by decree of hospitalization and adjustment of meetings with family members

State School: Elementary Schools, Middle and High Territorial of Municipality of San Giovanni la Punta (CT), visited regularly and supported by patients.

Diagnostic frameworks and mental disorders target

Intellectual disabilities with severe behavioral impairment (up to a moderate degree of mental retardation)

Psychotic disorders associated or not with mood disorders (or even mood disorders characterized by severe episodes of depression and / or manic)

Conduct disorder and hyperactivity syndromes associated with severe pathological addictions and / or conducted compulsive self-hetero-lesionistiche (substance use, handling of bodily functions, etc..)

Complex symptoms of post traumatic stress, psychotic and depressive syndromes and reactive adjustment disorders, resulting from maltreatment, abuse or violence assisted

Evaluation objectives and methodologies

Our evaluation methodology focuses simultaneously on patients and their families, but also on the agents and the institutional context. Consider the fundamental investigation of the satisfaction levels of users and their families, but also the levels of satisfaction and perceived quality by clients and stakeholders.

In the assessment procedures is important to take into account the psycho-social environment of belonging, support network and family context of origin. The clinical evaluation includes at least the size of the family present, although it is always more correct such change within a trigenerazional frame. The relational dynamics and transgenerational transfamiliar, if well observed, and provide basic information useful in clinical work. The psychodynamic assessment related to the clinical and social work also includes more general diagnostic on several neurological, neuropsychological and psychopathological, but especially the assessment of the levels and types of personality organization.

The evaluation of cognitive-linguistic and psychomotor tests is instead dealt with the level and quality tests can give an account of the development of various cognitive functions and specific support needs. The diagnostic work includes, in this context, the evaluation of the various and related disability, language, communication, relationships, psychomotor and kinesiologic.

Therapeutic objectives and methodologies

The four major functions, the device embodying the residential therapeutic community for children :

1. psychoherapy

2. re-habilitation

3. socio-education

4. clinic assistance


TC Gruppo Calimero is istitutional membre of INDTC